Daimer's new, powerful auto Detailing mobile car wash, carpet cleaner, biodegradable chemicals

Daimer's new, powerful auto Detailing mobile car wash, carpet cleaner, biodegradable chemicals

Daimer Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial cleaning products, introduced new products for the auto detailing industry, including: steam car wash pressure washers that remove grime without damaging delicate vehicle surfaces; powerful carpet cleaners for tight spaces and upholstery; and Eco-Green® green chemicals that clean vehicles inside and out.

Portable Car Wash Equipment: Next Generation Mobile Auto Detailing Systems

The Super Max® 6230SCW and 6120SCW Mobile Car Wash machines offer a pressure level of 1000 psi and steam temperatures of up to 300º F for industrial strength cleaning. The low .5 GPM flow rate will not harm vehicle surfaces and generates minimal water waste. This mobile auto detailing equipment maintains constant temperature and pressure throughout its operation. Both machines minimize the need for chemicals or other cleaning related auto detailing cleaning products. This low-moisture pressure washers offer industrial-strength cleaning power that will not damage delicate car surfaces. The machines also minimize water use and the need for cleaning chemicals.

Prior to the introduction of Daimer's steam car wash systems, auto detailing professionals were forced to choose between two less-than-ideal options: Conventional pressure washers and dry steam cleaners.

Conventional pressure washers waste large volumes of water -- up to 5 GPM -- which can result in water emptying down storm drains and EPA fines. To avoid problems, auto detailing companies often have to purchase water capture and re-circulating systems. Pressure washers have another drawback: The equipment exerts pressures of up to 3000 psi, which can damage vehicle surfaces and paint jobs.

Dry steam cleaners do not have enough muscle for tough dirt. The equipment typically offers pressure levels of only up to 100 psi or so, and uses vapor steam that contains only 5% water. Moreover, the machines tend to quickly lose pressure and temperature as time passes. As a result, the machines have a difficult time removing stubborn substances, such as dirt, mud, and road salt. Employees end up constantly wiping by hand, which can result in scratched finishes and poor results.
The Super Max™ 6230SCW and 6120SCW Mobile Car Wash machines address these shortcomings with pressure levels of up to 1000 psi, low .5 GPM flow rates, and steam temperatures of up to 300º F for industrial strength cleaning.

The 6230SCW and 6120SCW are designed to remove dirt, mud, brake dust, bugs, tar, salt, grease, oil, and tree sap. The machines also melt ice and snow. The combination of high temperature and pressure as well as low flow makes this mobile steam car wash equipment safe for delicate vehicle surfaces including wheels, car exteriors and glass.

An included propane tank heats cold water to 300º F within about 60 seconds. These machines are powered by electricity, which means auto detailing companies can plug the machines into either a wall outlet or a portable generator for mobile car wash applications.

The 6120SCW Mobile Car Wash is the 110-120V, 60Hz version, while the 6230SCW Mobile Car Wash is the 220-240V, 60Hz option. Both machines are also available in 50Hz configurations for shipment to countries with different power requirements.

Carpet Cleaners for Car Detailing

Daimer offers three carpet cleaners designed for auto detailing: the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U, the XPH-5800TU and the XPH-5900IU. The machines include pressure levels of up to 60 psi, 100 inches of water lift and a 4-inch upholstery wand for tight spaces. Variations of these machines are available with pressure levels of up to 150 psi.

The carpet and upholstery cleaners offer a number of features designed for portability and ease of use. The machines boast 4.5-gallon solution tanks and 4.5-gallon recovery tanks. Daimer's low-flow technology means less fluid is used during operation, so the tanks last longer between refill/emptying, and operators can use the equipment for extended periods of non-stop cleaning. The low-flow technology also means carpets get less damp, and dry in as little as two hours, depending on the model of machine. The rugged carpet cleaners each weigh 40 pounds.

The XPC-5700U is a non-heated unit that lets auto detailing professionals add water up to 210º F. The heated XPH-5800TU generates steam temperatures of up to 150º F. The XPH-5900IU produces steam temperature of up to 210º F.

"The new 15000s offer tri-mode features and are designed for demanding industrial customers," said Matthew Baratta, Daimer.com spokesman. "These machines are ideal for continuous cleaning in commercial environments with lots of grease, oil, and other hard-to-remove substances. They are a great addition to our existing 12000 series including gas powered pressure washers."

For Commercial Applications

The new machines include tri-mode technology, which allows the equipment to clean with cold water, hot water temperatures of 180º F to 210º F, or steam temperatures as high as 330º F. The most powerful option lies within the machines' ability to operate as steam pressure washers, capable of dissolving residues and sanitizing while cleaning. The units can convert cold water to hot water or steam in about 30 seconds.

The six new electric pressure washers can accept a variety of heating fuels, including: no.1 or no. 2 heating oil; diesel; kerosene; natural gas (requires a natural gas line); or propane (customer must provide vapor withdrawal cylinder). For heating oil, kerosene, or diesel, the machines have a fuel capacity of nine gallons. Each pressure washer sports a heavy-duty schedule 80 heating coil.

The 15000 line is available in 50 or 60 Hz, as well as a variety of voltages for customers worldwide. The electric engines range in power from 1.5 HP to 10 HP. The commercial pressure washers include electronic direct spark ignition systems and a single power cord.

The 15000 models are stationary and include: a 50-foot, high-pressure steam hose; a durable three-foot trigger wand with quick disconnect; four assorted nozzles; and a powder-coated steel, high gloss, chip/chemical resistant housing. Additional customizable pressure hose lengths are available.

The machines come with high pressure chemical infusion. Options include multi-gun operation and a wet sandblasting system.

Biodegradable Green Chemicals for Auto Detailing: Tough Cleaning for Tight Spots

Daimer's Eco-Green® auto detailing line provides formulations for cleaning vehicles as well as shop and garage areas. Derived from plants and vegetables without any ozone-depleting substances, synthetics or VOCs, Eco-Green® products have been certified as Readily Biodegradable. The chemical formulas biodegrade by more than 90% within 28 days, about 50% faster than most competitors. Eco-Green® chemicals are safe to use as evidenced by all zero values on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) hazard diamond.

The new upholstery and auto detailing carpet cleaners offer a number of features for power, portability and ease of use. Both machines offer up to 60 psi of pressure, 2-stage vacuum motors and water lift and air flow of 100 inches and 100 cfm, respectively.

The compact upholstery cleaners have a 20-foot wand, which make the machines ideal for cleaning furniture, stairs and carpet stains, as well as vehicle seats, footwells and head liners. The machines sport 4.5-gallon solution tanks and 4.5-gallon recovery tanks.

The inclusion of Daimer's low-flow technology means less fluid is used during operation. As a result, customers can use the equipment for extended periods of non-stop cleaning. The low-flow technology also means carpets and upholstery get less damp and dry faster.

The cleaning formulations feature Daimer's unique Micro-Blasting® technology, which uses nano-based particles, 1/80,000 the thickness of human hair, to penetrate and break down grease, dirt and oil molecules for easy cleaning.

The vehicle cleaning products include: Heavy-Duty Car Wash, Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, Carpet Care, Chrome & Steel Metal Cleaner, and Brake Dust Eliminator, Deodorizer & Cleaner, Carpet Care, Upholstery Cleaner, and Truck Wash for heavy duty cleaning of commercial vehicles.

Heavy-Duty Car Wash removes oil, grease, road tar, bugs, tree sap and other substances that can tarnish vehicle surfaces. The product is formulated for use with closed-loop car wash systems, pressure washers or even a sponge and bucket.

For cleaning inside vehicles, Carpet Care helps remove stains and dirt. Other specialized interior car cleaning preparations include Upholstery Cleaner and Adhesive & Ink Remover.

For cleaning tools, machinery, and garage areas, Daimer offers: Ultra-Power™ Super Duty Degreaser, Ultra-Power™ Parts Washer & Cleaner and Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover. There is even a heavy duty, yet safe, Eco-Green® Hand Wash Cleaner Gel.

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