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I first learned of your theories from your hobbyist page. They made a lot of sense, so I figured I'd try them out on my Richmond to DC commute. Wow! I no longer feel powerless over traffic, and my blood pressure has never been better. I've lost count of the accidents I avoided by maintaining a cushion of space and actually studying the traffic patterns before me. I was so impressed I've taught most of my family and friends your traffic busting techniques.
It is worth all the dirty looks and honking to see the look of gratitude and happiness on the faces of the 'Desperate Mergers' to whom I bring the 'Gift of Space'. I actually pity those aggressive guys, I know I will see them again, jam packed like sardines whilst I drift on by, smiling in the knowledge that I will probably out-live them.
Bless you Sir, you have improved my life considerably.