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I don't consider myself an aggressive driver, but in seeing the left lane empty because of a construction induced merge coming up 2 miles down the road, I wanted to use the empty left lane to drive to the merge point instead of standstill traffic in one lane. Some drivers take it upon themselves to pull out and block both lanes so that no one can get through. It seems that they are afraid of anyone using the left lane, even when the merge is not for a few miles. When they get into the merge spot, they don't want to allow anyone to merge, thus slowing traffic.

Why not encourage traffic to take up two lanes to keep traffic moving and then keep enough space to do a 'zipper' merge at the appropriate point?

Am I wrong to want to use the left lane until the merge point, while leaving adequate space to do a zipper-like merge? I thought that would actually help traffic along. I don't consider it 'cheating' behavior, but rather a more efficient flow of traffic for everyone.

My husband is convinced that staying in the right hand lane in one solid, slow moving line is equally as effective. I disagree, because it doesn't use all of the available lanes and creates longer backups.

Your thoughts, please :)