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One thing I've noticed is, although as one person said, larger vehicles CAN make it tougher, most truckers tend to follow the same advice set forth by the author (although for different reasons). Ever followed a semi with a 13-speed or 18-speed into traffic? We go one speed, and try to smooth out the stops and go's. Why? Try getting 'er going ... shifting gears 4 times to go 0-10 gets annoying, and all the 4-wheelers just scoot ahead of you. So, what do we do? Block a couple lanes (takes a convoy to do this, but watch on 95, 80, 76, and other roads and you'll see it) and try cruising at one speed, all of a sudden, we don't have to burn oil in stop/go traffic. Same goes for local drivers on 2-lane roads; see it all the time.

Interesting to note that it also helps reduce traffic doing that ... and btw GREAT WRITE-UP!!!