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Well sure some it was a nice read, and made some sense, but in real life things don't go so smoothly, because people don't cooperate when merging, so you have to fight ur way into traffic.

In my theory the ones at fault are usually the ones in front of the traffic jam, so if only people try to drive better(could mean a lot of things) during rush hours(I mean if u fight traffic daily.) and avoid braking as much as possible it would be better flow, cause some people brake and leaves a large block of space in between people which is unnecessary because it causes problems(people traveling may cut in front of u and thus the same guy leaves another larger block of space for the guy in front of him and so on...). and so more blocks of space are being built in the the front, but the people behind are getting slower and slower to a stop because everyone wants their large block of space... but if they think about it, they had already failed because now u got a hundred people right behind u.

Another issue is some people don't know how to pick their lanes, as I seen a freeway with 3 lanes and not much traffic, and these assholes are all driving about 45 in a 50mph and leaving no room for people to get over while there are almost no cars in front of them, so if u can't drive the speed limit stay in the slow lane only, because slow lane drivers tend to like to piss people off such as when they are going 45 in a 50 zone and when I try cutting in front of them they go 55 and then slow down to 45 again. Or that when they are going 50 some guy in front of them is going 45 and then they go to the faster lane but stays are 50 and stays in the fast lane even after passing the slower guy.

There are many reasons, but I still say it was bad drivers that causes most traffic jams other than natural traffic jams caused by police/accident/constructions