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I think seventeen-year olds shouldn't drive. I was knocked over and dragged underneath an SUV driven by a seventeen-year old boy. He sped through a red light at an interesection where I was crossing with a walk light at traffic lights.
He didn't see me because I was wearing dark clothing.
He was talking to his mother on a cellphone and she heard the impact of him smashing into me.
If he couldn't see well enough to see someone before he banged into them, why was he allowed to drive?
Why don't we ban unsafe drivers of whatever age?
Why don't seventeen-year old driver have adequate insurance?
I think all drivers should, by law, have insurance that covers potential victims so they can live a decent life, even after they've been maimed by drivers who are too old, or too young, or too stupid.
Let's get bad drivers of all ages off the road.