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I am so sorry for your loss. I too was struck by an elderly driver (85 years old) when I was only twenty. The elderly driver pulled into traffic on a clear sunny day, attempting to perform a left hand turn against traffic pushing the gas instead of brake, and failing to yield. The collision ripped the aorta just above my heart and caused my head to be placed through the windshield at full speed. I required open heart, plastic graft, multiple bypasses, physical rehabilitation, and months in the hospital. I was unable to walk properly for the following year. The elderly driver was cited for failure to yield though I was unable to sue to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills because the elderly driver had already distributed assests to children. I was not drinking or high, I was a US soldier and unable to keep up with the physical and mental demands of the military following the collision. Drivers in their eighties are extremely dangerous to the entire public and this situation should not be allowed to persist.