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You don't know until it happens to you

I was just in an accident 2 days ago, 5/11/09, with a lady that was 90 years old. She was using a center turning lane as a traffic lane. According to witnesses and the officers taking the report she did not see me, from over 600+ feet away. She never broke or anything. I did see her and tried to move out of the way. I could not get out of the way because of traffic. The only thing that saved me and didn't make it any worse was I had turned my car a bit. All that happened was she still hit me at 35-40 mph but she ricocheted off me. She never used the brakes. No skid marks or anything. She still caused about $4500 damage to my car. This could have been much worse. I could either be seriously injured or she could have been killed. So people saying that making people of a certain age prove they can drive is not discriminatory its safety. Safety for them and the other people that are driving on the roads with them.

We had to prove that we could drive get our licenses and at a certain age we should prove we can still perform at a safe level. If not well there is always public transportation.