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They need to test every year!

It's simply a fact - sad, but a fact- that as we age, our physical abilities decline. There are very few exceptions to this rule. My co-worker is married to a 95-year-old man who thinks his driving is just peachy, when, in fact, he runs red lights, stop signs, drives in two lanes at one time without realizing it, and literally cannot hear. He accidentally drove over his own foot and broke it because he failed to put the car in park before getting out. She refuses to ride in any car he's driving and it's a real source of conflict between them. It's nothing personal. Inexperienced drivers have issues (I personally got in an accident less than six months after I got my license because I didn't look carefully before backing out.), drunk drivers have issues, physically limited people have issues. To say it's discrimination against the aged is ridiculous. People need to stop being so sensitive and start being sensible.