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I drive like an asshole...

...I am a 21yr old male living about 40 minutes north of Philadelphia. At minimum i drive an hour a day (sometimes much more than that) and I have to admit that I am, at times, a terribly inconsiderate driver. I drive a stick shift and almost always have something occupying my right hand; be it a cell phone, an ipod, cup of coffee, you name it! I text while driving, often enough, and just yesterday on my way home from community college I accidentally cut off some creep in a blue truck who flipped me off & then yelled asshole out his window as another car honked at me for pulling out in front of them while making a left hand turn. to be honest I couldn't help but laugh at the situation and pray that no police officers were near. I think the main problem with my driving is not that I'm incapable of passing a test (obviously), it's that I don't pay attention and genuinely couldn't care less about the other idiots on the road. The sad part is that although I drive like a moron I have faith that my cat like reflexes will save me in the event of an emergency & have to this day have not been the cause of any accidents (accept for the time i fell asleep at the wheel - but even then I didn't hit another vehicle). When it comes to the blue headed crowd, I believe that their problems are similar. Although most of them are capable of driving they simply feel entitled to do what they want and lack the foresight and reaction time to compensate or preform a successful get away. Unfortunately the majority of American youth (aka anyone born since the 70's) has little or no appreciation for the elderly and don't concede to their driving needs. I think that testing is a great idea, sure why not?- but I have very little faith that any of you people have tried to get a license lately or even been to a damn DMV - that crap will take forever (especially if we have a bunch of old peeps clogging up all the lines!). Also with all the 55 and older VOTING communities popping up none of these changes are ever gonna happen. I say that people continue to drive & as long as there are assholes like me out there you all better try and keep your eyes open. Hopefully you can make it to a ripe old age and then begin/continue to terrorize the streets with your selfish senile ways. Or maybe some idiot who takes the time to read all these posts can write a book on the subject, a book that will shock our generally apathetic/lazy society into social reform! Then this heroic author may one day be able to afford a chauffeur at the time of their biological degeneration. Until then, good luck!