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i say retest them

im doing a speech presentation on this topic and you know before i came to this website i was all for it and now im leaning towards it more than ever. you have senior citizens killing other motorists and peditrians because of multiple reasons. i would not want to be walking down the street let alone my child and end up being hit by an car. Senior citizens are not bad in any way, but in order to keep the streets safe we have to think smart. it saves their lives and the lives of innocent people. i also do cna work and we have a 75 year old guy there that has his own car and leaves to go see his ''girlfriend'' that lives across town....well somedays he dont even remember which car is his!!! he tries to unlock every car there is in the parking lot!!! He's a sweet older man but its obvious thathe should not be driving anymore because his memory is bad. he may forget the traffic signals or anything!!! but luckily there are programs out there that voluntarily drive these seniors to where they wanna go....safely.