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Eventually, there comes a time

My father just had his license revoked after miserably failing both a written and road test because of two incidences during which he went off the road. Fortunately, no one was injured but the vehicle needed repairs. Back when he was a working man, he earned a 'safe driving' award from the company for which he drove a delivery truck. However, now he is 81, has dementia, diabetes, osteoporosis, and congestive heart failure. It was a blessing he lost his driving privileges. Let's keep that in mind...driving IS a privilege, as long as our health permits us to keep ourselves safe as well as others. There are county funded and community transportation programs for the elder to get around. More people should seek them out for their elderly relatives instead of defending these people to remain a hazard on the roads. Let's not wait until your spouse and/or children get killed or crippled for life before safety precautions are implemented such as the mandatory testing for these people. Just FYI, these tests are also required for younger people with certain medical conditions such as elipepsy. Better safe than dead!