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Agree- test over the age of 70!

I am in absolute agreement with many others on this board. My Mother was recently rear-ended at a red light by a 94 year old man. It seemed to be minor so Mom turned in to the nearest parking lot and waived him to come in too. He just kept on going and never did stop. Luckily, she was able to write down the license number and called the police. When they went to talk to the man, he didn't even know he hit her and didn't see her wave him in the lot. Nobody was hurt thankfully but it did cause $1000 damage to her bumper.

Another situation recently in our town. A teen driver was sideswiped by an elderly person. He was waiting in the middle of an intersection to turn left and the elder, who was in the through lane, decided half way through the intersection to turn left. So he turned, and turned right into the car waiting to turn that was in the correct lane. The teen then followed the elder to KMart (go figure) and the elder didn't even know he hit the teen's car and was trying to say that the teen turned in front of him.

I live in a state where elderly driving legislation will NEVER pass as the demographics are heavily senior. But it HAS to be considered in every state.