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Really? My 89-year-old mother might kill you!

My 89-year-old mother has been in three car crashes in the past 2 years and still she's allowed to drive. Her greedy insurance company is happy to charge her off-the-charts premiums and the DMV, while clearly recognizing she's a danger (one DMV rep after looking at her record over a lifetime which included 2 fatalities and a reconscrut on her entire face) actually said to me, 'Please, get your mother off the road!' Really, DMV, what do you suggest I do? Pin her to the ground and hire a full-time thug to keep her out a car? Gee, I thought that was YOUR job. All they keep doing is re-testing her and because she's smart as a whip she keeps passing them. But passing a driving test does not a good driver make! She's always been a bad driver and now she's a REALLY a bad driver due to arrogance (an exaggerated sense of your true abilities) and all the other signs of aging that makes for diminished driving capabilities--even for people who once were good drivers. So, my mother continues to go through stop signs, make turns in front of oncoming cars (typical actions of an aging driver)and her insurance company happily supplies her with a new car each year. Talk about frustrating the grace of God! I'm writing yet another letter to the DMV tomorrow. Meanwhile, stay away from my mother on the road and, while your at it...fight the blasted AARP which is single-handedly responsible for more deaths by the hands of senior drivers due to their blanket activism for all seniors--regardless of their prove incompetence. That is just one reason, I would NEVER join the AARP!