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Something has to be done across the board.

I had to write a paper for my Psychology class on stereotypes, and I wrote about Elderly drivers. My Dad's mother and step father are in their 70's & 80's, BOTH OF THEM STILL DRIVE! all thought they probably shouldn't they both drink, are on medications for everything from COPD to Depression/anxiety. My Granny can't even finish a sentence without forgetting what she was talking about half the time. Last time I visited her i made her ride with me... no way was I putting my child in the car with her. they won't drive at night thank God! My great granny gave her license up when she was in her ealry 80's the first time she had an accident.
On the other side of this... My mom's dad is in his 70's and still has his CDL's, works a blue collar 40hr a week job, and drives it like he stole it!
I also have road rage problems and cuss at least 5 elderly drivers a day for one reason or another. I agree with others on here that many people younger than 65 shouldn't have license to do so. If you know how to drive defensively, others that don't will make you mad. I could go on and on.
Medical history should be reported based soley on conditions that impair functioning due to the illness itself or medications to treat it. no matter what age you are, if your impairment changes for any reason you should be tested often enough to ensure the safety of others. and once you reach your golden years, tested every 2 yrs with out fail. besides at the age of 65 medicaid will pay for mobility services that are offered in the area. I love my Granny but she needs to let someone else drive.