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dad with dementia drives w/suspended license

My 89 yr old dad had his license suspended a yr ago when he turned L into oncoming traffic & totaled his car - no injuries. He drove w/a suspended license for a year dispite being told he could not. My mom has a valid license but she'd let him drive anyway - to avoid arguing with him. He got pulled over (different car) by a cop, they took his expired plates - had to go to court - they dropped charges & fines because it's clear to anybody who talks to my dad within a minute that he's got dementia. Now my mom wants new plates so she can drive. She could probably drive - they only go to the store & bank. But I don't trust that my dad won't drive again. I am poa but it gives me no legal powers to tell her she can't drive - even the lawyer & prosecutor told me that. He could be tested at the hospital - simulated driving & reflexes, etc - expensive & he won't pass anyway. But whether he passes or not he'll still end up driving that car again. He's in denial & can't remember a thing. Had a perfect record & drove a firetruck 30 yrs ago - but when I tell him it was 30 yrs ago he doesn't believe me - says it's only been a couple yrs. Testing doesn't solve everything & kids don't have the legal or physical power all the time.