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Thank you

I appreciate your decision. My brother-45 and nephew-9 we killed in a crash two months ago. They were hit head on by an 81 year old semi truck driver who was not able to see that he was in the wrong lane. He was, unfortunately, "legal" to be driving that truck. He started his truck driving profession, making very good money, at the age of 75. Elderly drivers pay more for driving insurance because they are a higher risk. The information on aging and inevitable physical changes is everywhere, yet ignored. No matter how young you feel, your eyes, ears, neurological systems and stamina are degenerating. The process is as natural and unstoppable as any other physical milestone we all have during our life course. Frame of mind, sharp as a tack or not, cannot stop this process. Laws will be changed. Until then, my plea is that the elderly, graciously accept there is a time to give up the keys before another life is lost.