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elderly driving

I agree completely with this subject, there is still many older drivers (65+) on the roads who are safe and are still able to drive carefully and whos reaction times, eyes and hearing havent yet deteriated.

However, there are also many older drivers who arent as quick with their reactions or eyesight and who are still driving, i think this is very selfish because they are not only putting themselves at risk but also other innocent drivers. I realise it is not their fault and they still wish to drive but it is dangerous and after all the data and statistics i have seen on the matter i have come to the conclusion that elderly drivers cause a large percentage of accidents on our roads.

Many older drivers realise they cannot drive as well as they used to. Some decide to drive only during the daytime and on quiet roads. These are the rational, sensible ones.

As for being tested every 2-3 years after the age of 70, i think is a very good idea because there are older people out there who are still capable of driving sensibly. This will also cut down on the amount of elderly drivers who arent capable of this and will help to make our roads safer.