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I HAVE AMENDED MY ORIGINAL STATEMENT TO SAY THAT In British Columbia Canada, if a medical professional is aware that a patient especially those over 65 years' years has an accident record then the Medical professional is liable to litigation if that patient eventually mains or kills another person while driving a motor vehicle. That being the law, such as it is, the Doctor, to save himself from a law suite, recommends to the appropriate authority that his patient take a driving test to determine his/her capability to drive.
This is very stressful for a Senior to be"put on the hot seat"so to speak.
This smacks of a "police state" , as far as I am concerned.
Yes, if there is suspicion of a problem with the patient driving, then deal with the matter with some diplomacy and without the immediate involvement of a local faceless government entity. Unfortunately the faceless Government entity appears to have power that is uncontrolled.