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I agree, Ben!

Many times I would be driving down the street and see an elderly person coming out of their car and they could barely walk, let alone drive. Some of those that I have seen have great difficulty just getting out of their cars. If their ability to even get out of a car is so difficult, how can they possibly react in the time needed to stop their car from hitting someone, perhaps a child running into the street for a ball.

It is a known fact that their reflexes are slower than they were years ago. Where are the family members in all this? Why are they letting this go on when they should intervene perhaps with their physician to see if the physician agrees that it is dangerous for that person to get behind the wheel.

I don't agree with others here that it would take away the senior's independence and worthliness if the license were taken from them. How does one balance the life of another person being taken away with the feelings of a senior whose driving privileges have been revoked? There is no comparison. EVERYONE OVER 65 SHOULD BE TESTED ON THE ROAD AND WITH A WRITTEN TEST. Laws have changed over the years....for example, how many people drive with their lights off when they are using their windshield wipers, even if they are being used intermittently. They think that b/c it is daytime they don't have to have their lights on. Well get over it...put them are those on the road supposed to see you when there is heavy rain or even a very cloudy day with a little rain.
I will get off my soap box now.
Thanks for the use of the hall.