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My Father - I Feel your Pain

My Father is 81 years old and I informed him yesterday that I was submitting the paperwork to the DMV for him to be retested. However, California has a "cover your behind" process that will probably take 6 months before he is ever given a behind the wheel test. He's been in 4 accidents since March. 2 were his fault; 2 he says weren't, but he lies.

He went out on May 9 and bought a new car - who would give an 81 year old man, who obviously can't walk, with a credit score of 620 a 6 year loan? One week later (yes, 7 days), he hit a concrete pole - a pole he has driven around 2-3 times a day, every day, for the the past 6 months. He destroyed the entire passenger's side of the car. Also, he had rolled the loan from his other car into the loan for this new car and drove off the lot $6,500 up-side-down in the new loan. Add to that aprox $4,000 in damage (with no money for the $1,000 deductible) and you see the mess I'm in with no hope of getting out of the loan except a repossession.

Check with your DMV (go on-line) and see if they have a form that YOU can fill out. Yes, the Dr may have to complete a form (they do in CA), but at least YOU will have documentation that you were on top of the situation, should anything happen. I was told to be as detailed as possible with my description and to include everything I could think of, including a picture of the damage done to the new car.

In CA, I have to complete this process again and again if he keeps passing the test as this does not put him on a "watch list" to be checked every year. I will do so until the license is gone.

Hang in there and do what you can do. Makes copies of EVERYTHING and keep ALOT of documentation of what's going on, what he's said and what you've done to try to stop a tragedy.