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On my way to work this morning

I was t-boned by an 82 year old woman who didn't see her light turn red even though it was a 2 lane highway and everyone else was stopped...she ran right into me and i'm fortunate that i am able to type this right now. Thanks for plastic cars lol...she had plenty of obvious clues that she should be stopped such as the traffic in the intersection and the lanes of stopped traffic and lets not forget the big red light!! I work for an optometrist and see elders coming in all of the time with their cataracts and retinal issues and they all drive themselves there. There's nothing we can do if they wear their glasses and can be corrected to 20/40. Pennsylvania does require doctors to notify Penndot if there are medical condition that could cause problems. I have a friends who's mother has alzhiemers and the doctor says she can drive even though my friend has told the doctor that she thinks she should no longer be driving. I will be making my voice heard in this matter. mandatory physical road driving every 4 years after the age of 60. no closed courses. that doesn't demonstrate ones ability to drive in the real world with others on the road.