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it's not phasing- it's wise

anyone who drives or rides in a car...(oh i guess that's just about everyone) can look around and see either the effects or the dangers of elderly driving. i think the real issue here is not just the accidents and the problems caused by SOME senior citizens on the road, but the ignorance shown by those who say it isn't a problem or that it is stereotypical to accuse senior citizens of being bad drivers. yes of course not all senior citizens are bad drivers but those who are should be at the least re tested and at the most deprived of their license. let us open our eyes to the real problem at hand: statistics are fact, not personal opinion and you cannot deny the facts that senior citizen drivers can be dangerous behind the wheel. only those who are bad drivers will be punished so those who are abiding the laws and driving safely will be free to do so, regardless of age.