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Poppy cot

While watching the abc news, I listened to the reporter telling about the accident that happened in the Walmart parking lot-- in which a lady was fatally injured by an elderly driver. Much was said about the elderly driver should not be driving. Let me remind you that not long ago there was another incident in a store lot which took the life of another lady in an auto accident. To the best of my knowledge, both happened when the gas pedal was depressed instead of the brake. My question being: How old was the driver of that car? Another question also comes to mind--who has more accidents, the young or the old, men or women. We all know the answer to that question--so should all the male drivers be denied driving privileges? Or all the young? And let us remember who changed our diapers, fed us, took us to school, helped with homework, paid for college!!! Get the picture. Let us take the driver off the road because of breaking the law, not just because they are getting old, as you will also--if you stay around here long enough.