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Driving Ms Daisy

I found this web page while searching for info on laws about the elderly driving. I agree with Tomd on the driving abilities of all ages. My car was hit in the parking lot of the local grocery store by a woman in her 80s two days ago. I was stopped directly behind her waiting for a space to be vacated when she backed into me doing minimal damage. I parked and got out to exchange papers only to see her heading out of the lot. I ran after and got the license # and called the cops. The cop smiled when he took my statement and asked if I wanted to charge an old woman with the hit and run. He dropped by her house and she called me at first denying she ever hit me. Then when I calmly said that was fine and that we will let the insurance people handle it she then offered to pay in order to avoid the points on her insurance. Interesting response from an innocent party I thought. While she may be confused, she is evidently not stupid.
Ms Daisy dropped by this morning because she wanted to take pictures of the damage. She continued to waver back and forth from claiming innocence of everything to dismissing the damage as not worth worrying about. She even brought alcohol swabs to wipe away the mark and I really had to vigorously tell her to stop touching my car to avoid further damage.
Breathe deep - ok, after letting that out, my main concern is that after meeting Ms Daisy I know now she is not capable of properly driving a car. She is too short to see out the back window. She is confused and loses focus while talking which leads me to believe she loses it while driving.
I fear the next time she backs up it won't be my 2,000 LB car she hits but a child.

There should be testing for all throughout our entire lives, not just when elderly.