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You all are making good points, but...

I am a retired police officer age 59 with no accidents or citations, ever. I have seen and investigate hundreds of accidents over the years and all ages and situations were involved. Probably 30% of all the drivers on the road today should not be there. I also believe that the elderly drivers should be tested frequently, I'm talking about annually, at any age someones health, awareness and reaction time can change. I live in Arizona and was appalled that when I got my license here it was for many years, too many, without having to get a vision test or reaction time test. Most of the accidents I see involving elderly drivers has nothing to do with speed. It's bad judgement or confusion. Just two days ago an 85 year old woman turned into the oncoming lane of a 4 lane road and hit a couple on a motorcycle killing them both. She refused medical treatment at the scene. About a month ago an 82 year old woman drove through the wall and into our local post office. This type of thing happens all the time in this country. Now for the other side of my 'gripe' if you will. I see young drivers today doing things that scare me seriously. I'm talking about the 20 to 35 year olds who are driving down the road, texting which by yhe way caused an 18 year old gorl to cross the center line and hit another car headon recently in Phoenix killing everyone aboard buth vehicles,, talking on on the cell, putting on make up and eye liner using BOTH hands!, tailgating, driving aggressivly (usually because some old person is slowing them down), driving in the fast lane too slowly and don't even notice the 4 or 5 cars behind them who would really like it if they pulled over to let them by. I could go on and on. Any one who reads this and drives a vehicle, the next time you get in your car, start it up and pull out onto the road , remember that somewhere out the someone else idoing the same thing and is going to try to kill you. Drive defensivly and pay attention to everything that is going on around you. If you see something happening first you can probably avoid it. God Bless...tomd in AZ.