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My opinion for my coursework!!!

I believe that elderly drivers should be re-tested at a certain age but should not have their liscenses taken off them at that age because some may be able to see and drive perfectly fine. Having a re test and maybe a sign in the car saying elderly driver would help them and the community. Elderly people should not be treated differently and it is not their fault. I think that after a test they should be fine and be able to drive freely. Although many crashes and deaths may be casued by them, young people are just as much to blame and a higher majority of crashes are caused by younger drivers. If the elderly people that are tested are not fit to drive then they should not but a test is the best way to find out and to make the roads safer. That is just my opinion and i am sure that many of you will agree or disagree, but you must be able to see some idea in the suggestions that i have put orward to you. I do not believe that it is age discrminiation as it is helping us to stay safter and stop the crashes, injuries and deaths caused by unsafe elderly drivers. Thank you for reading.