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my situation

I am 17 years old and i live with my grandparents i do everything for them from bills, groceries, Dr appointments, medicines,cleaning, and anything that needs doing. i know for a fact that my grandfather should NOT be driving but there is no one, not even their kids will do anything about it because "its not their problem" and it wont be their fault if/when he kills someone. he cant turn his head and doesn't even attempt look when backing up he just assumes it is all clear. he has had multiple wrecks the last of which involved a bright yellow pole which he passes frequently. he is 77 years old has had a stroke, is a diabetic with sugar that is usually around 217 which is high, he cant feel his feet, has poor vision, gets lost in a very small country town where he has lived all his life, refuses to check his sugar or watch his diet, is violent, has hit, yells, is irrational, has no financial capability or decision making not to mention a complete lack of both common sense and he doesn't consider how his actions effect anyone but himself BUT according to his Dr. he is perfectly capable of driving so yes i a young person think that our societies head has been stuck firmly up its butt.