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I'm in pa also.

I can royalty understand what you wrote! My dad had a stroke two years ago, and he was approved to drive even though he is has right sided weakness. I emailed PennDot and he only had to do one hour occupational therapy, which he can put on an act when his driving is at risk. We fight all the time. He blows stop signs, speeds has trouble stopping and as he waves padestrians to cross, he keeps his foot on the gas. His doctor is useless. But, I went and talked to my local police, whovwere very kind and concerned and said that his doctor could be arrested and lose his doctors license if he does not do something. A message about this from the officer was played for the doctor so he ordered a driving a complete driving test. If he did not, the police would. Also, if you give the officer where you live your dads vehicle info and his name, they can keep a look out for him and if he would ever be pulled over, they can make him take a drivers test. Hang in there. You are not alone! Jody