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If you think someone's tailgating, just get out of the way and let them by! Too many times, during many long daily commutes, I've seen drivers slam on their brakes because they think someone is following too closely.

Not only is that incredibly dangerous, it's arrogant and stupid: you're just endangering everyone on the road. GET OVER and let them by!

Refusal to get over is much more aggressive and dangerous than simply sucking it up and moving to the left. Unless you're a traffic cop, you've got no right whatsoever to attempt to control another driver, and it's just sheer foolishness to do so. #77 on your cell phone calls just about every State Trooper Barracks on an interstate, regardless of where you are. Please take the next exit, report the jerk, and get back on the highway. Don't endanger everyone on the road! And, for goodness' sake!, don't call from the highway.

Just for the record, it's by far MORE aggressive to tell someone 'NO YOU WILL NOT' instead of asking 'may I pass?' That doesn't exonerate tailgaters, but doesn't it make more sense to just let them by?