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Drivers on a local freeway habitually drive too close, and make the road very dangerous. I find the aggressive tailgaters appear to not be looking ahead.... perhaps so fixated on riding inches from the bumper of the car in front on them, fail to see the traffic ahead is stopping or slowing. I have had aggressive tailgaters swerve & weave in & out of lanes only to hit the wall of slowed traffic ahead.
Driving is all about giving yourself defensible space & looking further ahead. Often times these aggressive drivers wind up next to you at the off ramp at the stoplight. None of those dangerous/multiple lane changes made any difference in the long run. Is it considered a victory if you burn more gas & endanger other people & get to the red light first?

My husband was car 1 in a 3 car wreck on this road I mentioned. The driver behind him was following to closely as freeway traffic was approaching the rush hour logjam and traffic slows & stops. The Golden rule of driving, is you can't go faster than the car in front of you!
The car behind him slammed into his car, and the car behind that slammed into her car, causing her to hit car 1 a second time.
Two of the 3 cars were towed away, and eventually car 1 was declared a total loss, as well.

Luckily because of the traffic jam this happened at a slower speed, but this kind of driving could be fatal.

Respect your own life & others by giving space between vehicles.