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I'm a cop seeing expert on roads and on freeways. I drive 20 mph over limit and I spot Helicopters, Planes, Black and White cop cars behind freeway exits, on bridges clocking speeds while the cop tells other cops to get him, Cop cars on the opposite side of the road face oncoming freeway traffic trying to blend in with the traffic with a gun, Cop cars on right far right side on the road, cops driving same direction you are, Cop cars driving in front of semis for faster moving cars like me. I spot them all......
I'm a professional freeway in/out driver I pass slow drivers as if there still. I think slow drivers should drink more energy drinks or something cause they are ssllooww... boost up there focus and drive time. I time all my lights I hit green lights all the way to my destination. SERIOUSLY I know where cameras are on lights I know know not to tailgate drivers cause it's pointless and you treat other people with respect so when coming up to a car I wait till there's safe distance to pass and make the move I usually see two head lights before making a complete pass. I stay usally a car behind someone. ALWAYS LOOK FAR UP... STUDY HOW TO COME ABOUT MAKING YOUR NEXT MOVE REMEMBER IN/OUT. Three lane highways never make a left/right turn with out making sure that both sides are clear on the side of you. See if your turning left/right there could be someone else turning the same time you do so bothe cars trying to merge in one lane, it's just not going to work. BE THE BIGGER MAN MAKE SURE YOUR A CAR PASSED THE GUY TO THE FAR SIDE BEFORE YOU TURN SO JUST IN CASE HE HAS THE SAME IDEA YOU WONT BOTH HIT EACH OTHER. FAST BUT SAFE IS HOW I PLAY!!!