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teenage student

i think that if you want to make the driving test harder ya'll are all ridiculous.. i promise you right now if you make the driving test harder all the adults who drive would be totally screwed because your driving skills are not wonderful.. speeding is a leading cause of crashes, but want to pull out other reasons... inattention.. adults talk on their phones when driving more than us kids do.... DUIs its all adults right there.. i aint saying kids dont but heyy ya'll are worse.. when we are drunk we dnt always get behind a wheel and some of us are responsible and take keys.. i havent heard of adults taking any keys here lately.. hmmmm.. and DISOBEYING TRAFFIC SIGNALS.. apparently when your older u decide i've been driving for years and you dnt think u'll wrect so you go on, you hurry all that dumb stuff.. NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sogns were put there for old ppl too!!!