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The Money pit verses real road safety

Be very careful what you wish for folks! I live in a State in which we now have ... wait for it

a 25Kph speed limit in certain suburban environments.

That is the ultimate end game for the logic that says 'road safety is only possible through the reduction in force' that is the proper term BTW for 'speed' which interestingly enough is a relative term and correctly does not really exist.

The real solution is a mix of sound driver education, sensible speed limits and realistic enforcement. Was it Mark Twains favourite saying that there are 'lies Dam lies and Statistics' well beware of those peddling simple statements like '95% of all accidents involve speeding' ... what the hell I have yet to see two stationary cars manage to collide!

Actually it is not speed that kills it is massive changes in velocity that does the job ask any fighter pilot what he feels under 8g! Same for you in the car that decelerates from 100 down to 0 in 10 feet!

So the real issue is how do we make the road safer let us try and stick to that outcome and we will all likely not have to bury one of our children which has to be the most awful of outcomes that comes out of this debate so much more often that it need.