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Uk perspective


The article states that 95% of root causes are driver behaviour. Travelling to fast for the conditions is contracted to 'speeding' but obviously 'speeding ' also means doing 71mph in a 70 mph zone.

So in reading these articles you need to be careful as do the writers in setting people up with the language used. Speeding is not specific enough.

I am a UK safety professional, I work with the UK police, Roads agencies and colleagues in the insurance industry as part of my job (not traffic related) and enough info has rubbed off on me to verify that the thrust of this article is genuine.

At the end of the day it is ordinary mum's and dad's who work for the police and the roads service, not government henchmen. They want to see a drop in road deaths because they meet the familys who have to deal with the aftermath.

I grew up steeped in motor racing culture, following road racing, superbikes, world rally and my home countries most dangerous race the North West 200 and the Isle of Mann TT. I love speed.

200mph high octane fun. Speed is grand when you all go in one direction and the road is closed with a perfect finish.

I used to have a 40 mile commute over irish country roads took about an hour every morning. I would book it, 75mph on some stretchs. Yet the same guys every day would pass me on blind corners and humpbacks doing 90. I used to swear at them and shout 'get up earlier you ****head and slow down'. Should have shouted at myself too, had a few near misses.

Then one snowy morning I had to drive the whole way at 30mph. I was 10 mins late.
Fast driving in some conditions is an illusion, accelerate hard brake hard, average slow.

So in closing , save some money, save some tyres, save a life, wise up, slow down or as you guys say Arrive Alive.

Safe home.