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Speeding does kill

The ones that say that speeding does not kill should not be on the road. Speeding does kill and I know a few people that died iby the time they were 21 because of speeding. One lost control on a curve and hit a tree and the engine was in the passenger compartment. That would not have happend if he was driving the 25 or 30 mph speed he should have been driving on a city back street. Another one I know lost control on a curve and rolled the car. I also saw what happens when a semi speeds. It causes an almost eplosion when it hits stopped cars on the interstate. People that say that speed does not kill have not heard about the 10s of thousands of people that were killed because of it. They say it is thngs like distracted driving etc. that are the cause of deaths, but it is the speeding along with such activities that cause the death.