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Speeders Are Part of The Problem

Though causes of vehicle accidents range from inattentiveness, aggressive driving, cell phone use to equipment failure to poorly engineered roadways, speed is a major factor. Whether it is the driver who has to weave through to get in front of every other car on the road or the driver who stays fifteen miles-per-hour under the limit, speed differential is the cause of many accidents.

The speed limit is the law. It is there to keep all vehicles moving at about the same speed, thus reducing the need to pas and chance of collision. Those who drive at excessive speeds are violating the law and endanger others on the road. That is why they get tickets and fines.

If you don't approve of the speed limit on a road, highway or in your state, and you have a reasonable argument against it, get it changed and then go faster.

Meanwhile, obey the law and don't endanger those of us who already do.