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Poor road Condition

Nothing kills more than poor road conditions in our country. Nigeria still bask in the euphoria of bad governance and insensitivity to security of life and properties. Such unresponsiveness has caused Nigeria untold hardship most especially road users.
For instance, Over ten years now, Lagos-Benin-Onitcha road, a major highway carrier linking the East with the West was a nightmare for both industrialists, traders, citizenry of the Nation. Economic activities has been paralyzed while the production and agric sectors surfferd untoald losses due to truck breakdown and several thousands of Nigerian ended their life abruptly to fatal accidents, frequent truck and petrol tanker fire explosions etc. No wander our dear former works minister; Hon Madam wept openly on site inspection of the road.. three years latter people are still dying..
Uhnnm.. Thank God for gookluck.