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Speed doesn't kill kids. Bad drivers do. If your going 190mph and u hit something or lose control then guess what, you fail as a driver for many reasons. I've been a doctor for 18 yrs, seen a lot and as a hobby have gone to three racing schools. If your skilled and engaged in driving well then u won't go faster than u can control (what others do {like pull out in front of u as your doing 100} is their fault) and thusly speed isn't the culprit. The problem comes from those who aren't skilled enough to know their limits, their cars limits and the road conditions. I've gotten speeding tickets but never once caused an accident, I drive passionately and with the intention to avoid actions that would make other drivers change their actions all while enjoying what I'm doing.

If ppl loved driving they would be far better and yea as it is maybe a 3rd of the ppl on the road now would still be there if driving tests were as stringent as they should be.