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I think the article should

I think the article should note the difference between speeding above speed limit and what is considered safe by research especially since most driver drive at the speed they judge to be safe not what the post says. Decrease the speed limit does not really slow down traffic much but does cause a much bigger differential where the majority of people would want to pass the slow cars who are in compliance with the law, the added need to pass is more accident prone and can cause emotional/irrational responses. On the other hand, increase in speed limit increase the compliance rate and data shows little increase in speed and it decreases the chance of drivers wanting to pass another car, improving road courtesy and less angry drivers who might cause accidents because they get stuck behind a car that is doing "legal" speed.

Of course, speed kills, its pure physics but it does not justify an artificially lowered speed limit as theres more complication and negative change in behavior that is more than kinetic forces.