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Speeding and lame justifications...

I haven't read all the comments above, but I've read enough to get the gist. People give all kinds of rationalizations to justify their own behavior, and speeding is no different. Newer cars, speed limits unreasonably slow, everyone else is speeding... these are but a few.

What NOBODY addresses is SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. The underlying rationale for so many of the comments above is that the individual is responsible to NO ONE but him/herself on the highway. For a civilized society to survive - and I mean "survive" literally - there needs to be a sensibility in everyone that in modern urban society we live very close to each other... AND that we have an EQUAL responsibility for the safety of OTHERS as the safety of OURSELVES. On the road, we are frequently no more than a couple of feet from our neighbors. It's cheek to jowl !

IF... and I mean a really BIG IF... you or I decide to care about something other than our own selfish desires... we will WANT to adjust our driving habits accordingly. If we see driving to be a collective and mutual activity involving ourselves and everyone else on the road with us, then we will adopt a COLLABORATIVE attitude as opposed to a COMPETITIVE one. Allowing others to merge in front of us, maintaining several car lengths between ourselves and car in front of us, cooperating with the flow of traffic, slowing down when someone needs us to surrender the right-of-way, seeing the other guy as my neighbor and friend rather than a nameless, faceless nuisance... all theses things would automatically make the roads infinitely safer.

Am I my brother's (sister's) keeper? YOU BET !!!

Thanks for reading this.