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"No one with less than 5 years driving expeirience [sic] should be allowed on the roads to insure adequate driving skills."

Wait, Whaaa....???

How, pray tell, shall those inexperienced drivers get their experience if they don't drive on the roads? Really now, your logic is non-existent. The permitting laws are designed to give new drivers a year to sit behind the wheel with an experienced, licensed driver to steer them through the morass of learning to drive (I remember how hard it was to learn to drive; I've had my license for six years now). The experienced driver is also supposed to help the learning driver begin to build a bank of good judgment by learning from the mistakes that inevitably occur. It is also a good idea for the supervising driver to have the trainee drive at or a little below the speed limit.

In the end, the young driver will gain enough experience and age to be out on his own, and he will have to decide for himself how he feels about the speed limit. The speed limit is just that: the LIMIT. Some people don't understand it, and I agree with you that they make it dangerous for everyone.