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Speed Does Kill

I have been in this business quiet long ,there is no doubt about it. When a motorist at inconsiderate and unreasonable speed in an area with a speed limit , the chance of meeting an accident is high. Only reasonable and trained person can avoid an accident after taking an account of other road users. With a high speed at hand compliment with density of traffic, complacency of other road users i.e most are being inattentive while on the road, unfamiliar road conditions pluses inexperience driving technique, can he be not risking someone else lives. Likewise slow speed also kills , there are instances people get killed in hypermarts parking areas , by golf buggies. How do draw a line here. Unlike autobahn , it mean for high speed motorists. Not for weak - hearted n slow drivers whom can be equally dangerous to others. The other high contributors to the statistics are motorcyclists and cellphones users ( texting n talking ).