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Check the facts...

Germany spends a ton of money in design, upkeep and maintenance on their world famous attraction, the "Autobahn". They also are notoriously strict in enforcing posted limits (yes, there are unlimited zones, but they are strung together by limited zones). The roads are PRISTINE. Public transportation being so popular in smaller European countries also makes it so that most Germans who drive, drive a relatively late model, well-kept vehicle. When I was there the only junky cars I encountered on the Autobahn were driven by US service people who paid the military to bring their Chevettes along for the ride. Also, while there are less deaths per million miles driven (I could only find old info on that) it seemed to be understood by the locals that any sort of crash in an "unlimited zone" would generally result in fatalities. Not many people walk away from a 100mph rollover, no matter what your nationality. The driving age their is also 18 rather than 16. The fact that they don't put ages on drinking also seems to have a positive effect on drinking "maturity and responsibility" for new drivers, where in the US kids routinely use "cars" as their "bars" because there is no where they are allowed to do what we know they will do anyway. I'm just tired of hearing people shout about how safe the autobahn is comparatively when they have never been there or looked into the facts... it just sounds cool to say something rebellious about speed limits.... for those who cite this, I say, speed in Germany and see how long before you are pulled over by the Landespolizei (unlimited zones being the exception)... alternatively, get in an unlimited zone and see if you can handle a 100mph plus spinout... then I will shut up.