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Speed Kills - But So Does "Normal" Stupidity

The statements made that speed is not a factor in accidents doesn't hold water. Just do the friggin' math, people. The faster an object is moving, the less of a guard band of reaction time you have. The simple and well-known laws of physics should tell you that once an object is in motion, it takes a helluva lot more effort to stop that object if it's moving beyond a reasonable speed.

If speed wasn't a factor, then why don't you drive around town at full throttle? Try that for a day and see what happens, with or without traffic laws....dummy.

It almost pains me to have to explain that to someone (without being condescending). Having driven for 30 years and thousands of miles (or km), I've witnessed on a daily basis people who barely have the skills to push a lawnmower, let alone handle a 2 ton vehicle. Countless documentaries and TV reports have clearly shown that people are IDIOTS that can't remember the last sign they saw, fail to use their rear view mirror correctly, can't focus their attention on what's in front of them for more than 2 minutes, and haven't a clue how a 4-way stop even works. Factor in the attention-grabbing toys they bring along with them for the ride (i.e., cellphones, unruly kids and pets, gut-rumbling audio equipment) and you have to wonder why ten times more people don't die on the roads each day.

Let's not forget the injustices and irregular implementation of the laws. How many people are allowed to drive that have serious health issues and their doctors turn a blind eye to it. Yet, in my own personal case, had my license revoked due to extremely mild sleep apnea while my in-laws had quadruple bypasses, undiagnosed narcolepy, restless leg syndrome, cataracts, coronary stents, and poor driving skills... (my license was reinstated after I went to see a real sleep specialist, rather than a guy who just wanted to sell CPAP machines).

Einstein said it best: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

The only way road "accidents" can be resolved is by taking the independent driver out of the equation, and creating self-driving car like Google is working on. Once that becomes universal, the statistics will shift dramatically. We'll have to find other ways to "thin the herd". Another war or natural disaster anyone?