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Speeding is not the biggest factor in accidents.

You guys fail to realize that bad drivers are the cause of accidents.
Speed may play a part yes but a good driver knows what speed to travel at regardless of what's posted.
I'll give you an example.
Someone stops in front of me suddenly. I hit them. Most common type of accident.
I was following too close- that is a driver skill in order to figure out what the safe distance is
I did not stop fast enough- small factor in speed but yet again.. drivers fault they should know what speed and have a faster reaction time
Wasn't paying attention- all driver error
Driver in front wasn't paying attention so they slammed on brakes hard then u hit them- driver error AGAIN
Look at speeding PSA commercials every single one can't put the blame on speed.. it's simply driver error. If they were serious about wanting to save lives they'd have stricter testing guidelines. Speeding tickets are a revenue.. Get your head out of your asses people.. god