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"Driver in front wasn't paying attention"

Regardless of what you think, the driver in the front of a rear-end collision is NOT at fault. The driver in the rear cannot anticipate the proper distance needed for every situation, therefore, driving the posted speed (and BTW, posted speeds are the California, the speed limit varies by road and traffic conditions, but never exceeds the posted limits) and allowing enough distance to stop in all circumstances is not only safer, but the law as well. Regardless of how the driver in front stops, if the driver in the rear hits the other, they are at fault.
Personal experience: I was stopped at a light with three cars in front of me. My passengers were telling me to creep up and not leave such a huge distance from the car in front of me. I watched as a car behind me (DUI, hit and run) raced full speed into the back of my car. Only because I had left that distance did I get hit hard, rool forward and not hit the person in front of me.
And, speeding tickets are not simply for revenue. They are to protect all drivers from harm based on many years of data to back them up. To think otherwise is ignorant. And if you believe that it is only for revenue, then keep your money and abide by the law. FYI...when you sign for your license, you agree to abide by those laws. If everyone did this, it would be less expensive for everyone. Less collisions = lower insurance premiums, less citations = less fines levied, fewer collisions with traffic barricades, trees, buildings = less wastefull spending to rebuild infrastructure.