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Requirements for Driving

I have rarely read a statement as illogical as this one. I do agree that a tougher driving test may weed out a number of people who probably should not be driving. However, the second requirement calling for 5-years of driving experience before being allowed on the road is so ridiculous that it is funny. Where do you suggest a person GET that experience - backing the car out of the garage and down the driveway for Mommy and Daddy, doing laps around their house (thru the yard, of course), or ripping up some corn field?? On one hand, ALL traffic accidents would be prevented because NO ONE would gain that 5-years of experience so NO ONE would be allowed to drive. On the other hand, maybe someone who demonstrates reasoning skills like Bill's shouldn't be allowed to drive - at least not where their ability to THINK and make logical decisions could endanger on any ROAD where there is traffic. Here's a better idea...make a mandatory I.Q. test part of the driving test. That would clear the roadways even more than Bill's requirements. 'Course, it would also clear the roadways of Bill himself.