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Informative article or editorial?

This author, whomever it is, does have some relevant points to make. It is unfortunate that the tone of this article is so accusatory, preachy, and just plain unpleasant. "...since most people are not willing to admit to the more serious actions...". A statement such as this is an opinion, and it has no evidence to support it. Studies, both psychological and sociological, show that people actually ARE willing to admit when they're wrong, they ARE basically honest and truthful, and they DO tend to behave in altruistic ways. It appears that, instead of being a factual article that might reveal some important, and perhaps difficult to hear, information that was written by a professional, this was written by an amateur - an opinionated amateur with an ax to grind. Why not call this what it is - an editorial - an opinion? Otherwise, rewrite it so it isn't so condescending and so negative. When has it ever been effective to attempt to bludgeon people over the head with the truth? Feel free to disagree with me. However, a professional would have cited their sources - at a minimum, the dictionary from which the definition of 'accident' was borrowed. Whomever wrote this did nothing to give credit for borrowed information. Well, I would expect someone willing to commit plagiarism to be one whom would expect most others to be as equally dishonest and one whom would not see much good in others. I guess that would explain the tone in this editorial.