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Driver Unawareness Causes All Accidents

Despite the inclusion of 3 other areas causing accidents, I am firmly convinced due to my own experiences, and being a yoga teacher for over 40 years, that all accidents could have been prevented were the operator of the vehicle been fully present while driving their vehicle.

I suggest that all driver trainees be required to undergo some form of meditation or mindful focusing in order to obtain a license. Without teaching human beings to 'keep their minds on the road,' all the other efforts will be minimal. I have found that listening to relaxing &/or rhythmic music contributes to my 'being in the flow' and all my moves being in harmony with other drivers on the highways. After a musical drumming event, I literally feel myself almost float down the highway, and nothing whatsoever bother me, drivers cutting in, tailgaters, etc.

Let's assume full responsibility as conscious/aware beings for what happens in all our driving experiences, and if we are involved in an "accident," then learn the lesson it posed for us; i.e. where was our mind focusing at the time of the accident?